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17. Simpson RK, McGraw KJ, Doucet SM. Iridescent feather photonic structures co-evolve with plumage reflectance, courtship displays, and signal interactions in hummingbirds. In Review at PNAS

16. Demko AD, Sosa-Lopez JR, Simpson RK, Doucet SM, Mennill DJ. Divergence in plumage, voice, and morphology indicates speciation in Rufous-capped Warblers (Basileuterus rufifrons). In Review at the Auk.

15. Earl AD, Kimmitt AA, Simpson RK, Yorzinski JL. Female ornamentation in a lekking bird: bright females dominate. In Review at Animal Behaviour.

14. Simpson RK, Mistakidis AF, Doucet SM. The environment, sexual selection, and natural selection have different effects on plumage color and conspicuousness in wood-warblers. In Review at Biological Journal of the Linnaean Society.

13. Sepp T, Webb E, Simpson RK, Giraudeau M, McGraw KJ, Hutton P. Light at night reduces digestion efficiency of developing birds: an experiment with king quail. In Review at Journal of Experimental Biology.

12. Reed S*, Simpson RK, McGraw KJ. Feather morphological predictors of angle-dependent color changes in parrot plumage. In Review at Royal Society Open Science.
      *Undergraduate author

11. Simpson, RK. McGraw, KJ 2019. Interspecific covariation in courtship displays, iridescent plumage, solar orientation, and their interactions in hummingbirds. The American Naturalist, 184: 441-454.
      Media Coverage: ASU Now

10. Saini, C*, Hutton, P, Gao, S, Simpson, RK, Giraudeau, M, Sepp, T, Webb, E, McGraw, KJ. 2019. Exposure to artificial light at night increases innate immunity during development in a precocial bird. J. of Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology A, 233: 84-88. PDF
      *Undergraduate author

9. Simpson, RK, McGraw, KJ. 2019. Experimental signal mis-matches uncover specificity of evolutionary links between multiple signals and their interactions in hummingbirds. Evolution, 73: 436-451. PDF
      Media Coverage: Evolution Digest

8. Simpson, RK, McGraw, KJ. 2018. It’s not just what you have, but how you use it: solar-positional and behavioural effects on hummingbird colour appearance during courtship. Ecology Letters, 21: 1413-1422. PDF
      Media Coverage: Science (Video), Forbes

7. Simpson, RK, McGraw, KJ. 2018. Multiple signaling in a variable environment: expression of song and color traits as a function of ambient sound and light. Biotropica 50: 531-540. PDF

6. Simpson, RK, McGraw, KJ. 2018. Two ways to display: male broad-tailed hummingbirds exhibit different dynamic color tactics based on sun orientation. Behavioral Ecology 29: 637-648. Link
      Media Coverage: Oxford University Press Tumblr

5. Simpson, RK. 2017. Courtship and territorial behaviors of three hummingbird species in Arizona. Arizona Birds 2017: 1-7. PDF

4. Ligon, RA, Simpson, RK, Mason, NA, Hill, G.E., McGraw, KJ. 2016. Evolutionary innovation and the diversification of carotenoid-based pigmentation in finches. Evolution 70: 2839-2852. PDF

3. Hutton, P,* Ligon, RA, McGraw, KJ, Seymoure, BM, Simpson, RK. 2015. Dynamic color communication. Current Opinions in Behavior 6: 41-49. PDF
      *All authors contributed equally

2. Simpson, RK, Johnson, MA, Murphy, TG. 2015. Migration and the evolution of sexual dichromatism: evolutionary loss of female coloration with migration among wood-warblers. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 282: 2015375. PDF
      Media Coverage: Science, Nature, IFL Science,, Nature World News, Richard Dawkins Foundation

1. Murphy, TG, West, JA, Pham, TT, Cevallos, LM, Simpson, RK, Tarvin, KA. 2014. Same trait, different signals: Unlike females, male goldfinches do not signal status with bill color. Animal Behaviour 93: 121-127. PDF

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Simpson, R.K. 2018. How do male hummingbird dance moves alter their appearance? Oxford University Press blog guest post (link).

Simpson, R.K. 2014. Ask A Biologist Top Question: Why do leaves change color. ASU’s Ask A Biologist (link).

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Popular Media

Created in: 2017. How Animals Can Change Colors. Science Insider (link).

Credited in: Coneflower Studios. 2016. Super Hummingbirds. PBS Nature (link).

Featured in: Sturm, M. 2014. Faint of Heart Need Not Apply. ASU’s SOLS Magazine. 10, 1: 19-23.

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