Research Articles

7. Simpson, R.K. & McGraw, K.J. 2018 Two ways to display: male broad-tailed hummingbirds exhibit different dynamic color tactics based on sun orientation. Behavioral Ecology (In Press). Link

6. Simpson, R.K. & McGraw, K.J. 2018 Multiple signaling in a variable environment: expression of song and color traits as a function of ambient sound and light. Biotropica (In Press). PDF

5. Simpson, R.K. Courtship and territorial behaviors of three hummingbird species in Arizona. Arizona Birds 2017: 1-7. PDF

4. Ligon, R.A., Simpson, R.K., Hill, G.E., McGraw, K.J. 2016 Evolutionary innovation and the diversification of carotenoid-based pigmentation in finches. Evolution 70: 2839-2852. PDF

3. Hutton, P.,* Ligon, R.A., McGraw, K.J., Seymoure, B.M., Simpson, R.K. 2015. Dynamic color communication. Current Opinions in Behavior 6: 41-49. PDF
* All authors contributed equally

2. Simpson, R.K., Johnson, M.A., Murphy, T.G. 2015. Migration and the evolution of sexual dichromatism: evolutionary loss of female coloration with migration among wood-warblers. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 282: 2015375. PDF
      Media Coverage: Science, Nature, IFL Science,, Nature World News, Richard Dawkins Foundation

1. Murphy, G.M., West, J.A., Pham, T.T., Cevallos, L.M., Simpson, R.K., Tarvin, K.A. 2014. Same trait, different signals: Unlike females, male goldfinches do not signal status with bill color. Animal Behaviour 93: 121-127. PDF

Popular Articles

Simpson, R.K. 2014. Ask A Biologist Top Question: Why do leaves change color. ASU’s Ask A Biologist.

Simpson, R.K. 2014. Biology Bits: Feathers. ASU’s Ask A Biologist.

Popular Media

Created in: 2017. Why some things are shiny? INSIDER Science.
Link to video

Credited in: Coneflower Studios. 2016. Super Hummingbirds. PBS Nature.

Featured in: Sturm, M. 2014. Faint of Heart Need Not Apply. ASU’s SOLS Magazine. 10, 1: 19-23.

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