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Monthly Archives: June 2016

As the ASU tropical biology field course continues, we have explored several different parts of Panama and been able to see many more awesome things. Our adventures include an older tropical rainforest, a mangrove forest/coastal area, and a zoo (where we saw captive and many wild animals!). First, the older tropical rainforest, which is on an island named Barrow Colorado Island (BCI) in Lake Gatun. Both BCI and Lake Gatun were created when… Read More

For the past several days I have been exploring the tropical rainforests of Panama as part of an Arizona State University study abroad course. My summer teaching position this year is to help out with a tropical biology field course, which involves a small number of students traveling to Panama, exploring the tropics, and conducting their own research project. For this post, I will provide a quick overview of what we have… Read More