Richard K. Simpson

Monthly Archives: February 2016

Whenever our lab brings in prospective graduate students, we take them on our traditional McGraw lab birding trip. We always set our goal to beat times year’s number, which was 68 for 2014. Our circuit starts at Coon Bluff, along the Salt River in Tonto National Forest at sunrise. At Coon Bluff, you get a nice mix of desert and riparian habitats, along with a canyon-esc rock-wall. This site gives us a great variety of… Read More

When I used to think of the Superstition Mountains, I would picture a desert landscape with rocky, bare mountains, like this: However, I recently learned that there is much much more to these wonderful mountains than that. For example, I would have never thought I could see this in the Superstitions: Now, I do not think I am alone in this skewed view of these mountains. It turns out between 80-90% of… Read More