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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Over winter break we decided to go on several hikes, one of which was to a new wilderness area for me! We decided to visit the Red-Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness area near Sedona, AZ. This is a wilderness area that boarders the famous Oak Creek Canyon, and encompasses a large portion of the red-rock country and canyons along the Mogollon Rim. There are many trails throughout this wilderness, and we decided to… Read More

After SICB, we decided to take a trip to visit Meghan’s brother in Eugene. While we were there, we went on a hike to Sweet Creek Falls in the costal mountains, in the Siuslaw National Forest. This was a beautiful hike in a temperate rainforest. Yes, not all rainforests are tropical. The rainforests of the US and Canadian Northwest can get up to 10 feet of rain a year! The forests where we… Read More

I am currently at the annual meeting for the Society for Integrative and Comparative biology in Portland, Oregon. This has been a great meeting so far, where I have met potential collaborators and future post-doc advisors (fingers crossed!). I’ll blog more about the meeting later, but I’ll briefly cover what I came here to talk about. I gave a talk today on the evolution of hummingbird coloration across 250+ species. I used images… Read More