Snow in Flagstaff

Recently Flagstaff Arizona received quite a bit of snow, and my fiancé and I decided to take advantage of it and visited. It was very beautiful, and I really enjoyed seeing all of my favorite places covered in fresh snow.



We first drove up to the ski resort, which was full of people looking to ski or snowboard. From there we got some amazing views of the surrounding landscape


as well as some nice views of the San Francisco peaks.


Then we drove around to a few places off of highway 180, north of the city. At one stop we found a small meadow with untouched snow fall.



From there, we drove to Lake Mary and Mormon Lake to see how they looked. Lower Lake Mary was pretty small, and mostly frozen over. Upper Lake Mary was partially frozen over, except where there was a current. Here are those to lakes.



Lake Mormon was completely frozen over, but like Lower Lake Mary, it too was very small.



One issue we encountered while having fun in the snow was that many of the forest roads were closed, so we were unable to visit some of our favorite hikes. If you plan to visit Flagstaff during the winter to hike, be sure to check if the roads are open! The roads we tried were FR 151 and 418. Despite the road closures, I highly recommend going up to Flagstaff right now. It was so beautiful and fun to explore!


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