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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Earlier this year I decided that I wanted to try to visit all of the wilderness areas in Arizona before I finish my Ph.D. I have a little under 3 years left, but a lot of places to go! This venture was inspired in part by my lab-mate Brett Seymoure, who has his own goal of visiting every National Park in the country. While I think that is an awesome goal that I… Read More

This past Labor Day weekend I decided to journey out to the White Mountains as part of a three day trip. While the trip overall was great, I definitely learned a lot about camping during a holiday and how to better avoid people. I left early afternoon on Saturday and decided to take a scenic route up to the Mogollon Rim (which I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post), where I was going to… Read More

These past several days, we have had some pretty intense monsoon storms in the Phoenix Valley area, which caused us to say good-bye to a very large and old tree from our yard. Below is a photo (from when I was in Flagstaff) that illustrates what these storms can look like from a distance. For those unfamiliar with this monsoon-weather phenomena, during the latter half of the summer most of Arizona receives… Read More